A Brief History of Gospel Music 


Church was never forbidden on the plantations of the Caribbean or the US south but it was not encouraged either. So where it was allowed they would have church far away from their overseers. It is there that they sang spirituals and Gospel music began.


Thomas Dorsey, is often called the founding father of Gospel, his song ‘Take my Hand Precious Lord,’ came out of a heart felt pain. Thomas Dorsey had lost his wife in childbirth and then his child a few hours later. The song declares, that ‘I’m not promising things are going to be perfect, just that we will make it.’

1900 continued...

Golden Gate Quartet sang in a jubilee quartet style, meaning they had close harmonies and formal arrangements. They added a bit more rhythm to the story as well as some cinematic power.


The millennium brought many changes, some good and some not so easy to bear. The events of September 11 2001, sent a change around the world. In 2002 gospel artists Donnie McClurkin released, ‘We Fall Down,’ a song that reminds us that everyone who has been saved by grace was a sinner who got back up after falling down. 

2000 continued...

Gospel music is now no longer just played in the Church, but is an established musical genre. Names such as Sinach, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary and Cece Winans are flying the flag for Gospel music throughout the world. Beyond the US, Gospel has found a foothold in Germany, Holland and the UK. British home-grown artists such as Mica Paris, Beverly Knight and Ruby Turner released powerful Gospel inspired tracks. 

Gospel music today...

Gospel UK Hip Hop groups also exploded, with artists such as End Dayz, and Paul Servier.

Now, we even have Gospel Grime artists producing music that helps people understand their true identity. 

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